Meet our friendly Team


I have been at Bowlers for over 30 years. I enjoy teaching all levels of riders and working with different horses, so I have my dream job! Max and Lincoln are the horses I have at the moment. Max is enjoying his retirement living out with Karen's horse Lily and i enjoying taking Lincoln on our weekly trips to the beach. I have a black Labrador called Oak and a liver spot dalmatian called Ash.


I have worked at Bowlers for 14 years and I am now working towards my BHS Stage 4 - Care qualification. I learnt to ride at Bowlers when I was a little girl, and Pat and Mary used to teach me. I have a horse on loan at the yard called Magic and I like to do dressage on him. When I am not working and riding I like running and I have even ran a few marathons. I really enjoy working at Bowlers and like all the teaching I do. I love all the horses and the other animals especially the cats.


I started working part time at Bowlers in 1999 before eventually going full time a few years later. Because of my love of animals, I went and completed a Zoology degree at John Moores University in 2010. My favourite horses on the yard are currently Mouse and Magic.


I'm originally from Manchester and I started riding when I was 4 years old and I’ve loved it ever since! I was very lucky as I got my first pony at the age of 8! I have been at Bowlers since October 2013. I started as a volunteer and then became part of the weekday team. After many years I’ve finally got my dream job. I have my BHS Stage One and I’m wanting to start working towards my BHS Stage Two. I love coming to work in all kinds of weather and meeting all our lovely customers who want to be round our horse and animals to.


Since a young age iv been interested in horses and have been lucky enough to own my own. I have worked in the horse industry since leaving school, before joining Bowlers in 2017. I'm lucky enough to have a job I love so much. Since joining bowlers I have become a fully qualified RDA coach which I really enjoy. I have 2 young sons and I love being able to watch my two boys make so many memories down the yard like I did.


I started riding at Bowlers in October 2014 when i was 10 years old although i had previously attended the occasional dog show back in 2009. Not long after i began riding i became a helper, then a weekend worker at the age of 13 and now an instructor and a full time member of staff. I enjoy teaching many different abilities of riders and i love working with all the horses and ponies at Bowlers but i would say i definitely have a soft spot for Jilly and Cupcake! I own my own 14hh Appaloosa mare named Treacle who i bought back in 2019.


Hellooo! I started work here in 2008 after having previously studied countryside management and worked in conservation. I really enjoy the physical challenges of the job. In addition to riding I participate in many outdoor activities and also love to draw the horses. I have learned (and am still learning) a huge amount through the people and horses I work with. Every day brings something new and interesting.


I started helping at bowlers when I was 10 and continued to do for many years. I enjoyed being around horses so much that I went and studied level 3 equine management at Myerscough college. I recently started working Mondays and Fridays and my favourite horses are dotty and brie




I started riding when I was eight at an Army riding school as my father was in the Army. I have been at Bowlers since I was 15 (so quite a few years!) only taking a few years out to work with a vet and huntsman on Anglesey and another riding school in Aughton. I started at Bowlers as a working pupil gaining my horse masters (the old style BHS stage exams!) and I am now a company director alongside Pat and Mary, who is a sleeping partner. I used to compete when I was younger on Bowler's school horses, only buying my first pony when my daughters, Gemma & Holly were born. Since then we have owned quite a few ponies which we compete on a regular basis. The ones we own at the moment being Lily, Jonesy and Louis


I started riding at Bowlers when I was 8 years old and began working on Sundays when I was just 13. I continued working on a YTS scheme once I’d left school and qualified as an Instructor. My love of animals however went further than just horses and I went on to work as a Veterinary Nurse for 31 years but missed the outdoors and horses so much I returned as an instructor 3 years ago. I have 3 children, 2 of whom also ride and I live with my equally “outdoorsy” partner and our 5 dogs!! I am currently enjoying working my way up to being a coach for The Riding for the Disabled.


I have been at Bowlers for about six years, starting as a weekend worker and more recently becoming a full time Apprentice having already gained the BHS Stage one and Riding and Road Safety qualifications. I love working here and my favourite pony is Storm. I own my own 14.1hh Welsh bay mare called Fleur who loves jumping.


I have worked at Bowlers for almost five years, starting on a sunday when I was a teenager. I am currently studying a Level 3 Diploma in Horse Management at Myerscough College. I have already achieved a NVQ Level 2 (equivalent to the BHS Stage 2), and I am also working towards the BHS Stage 3 and PTT qualifications.



I recently started working at Bowlers part time, along side my other job as an Animal Feed Merchant, and a qualified ultrasound scanner and microchip implanted. I have been around horses since the age of 6, and have owned my own for over 10 years. For the last few years I have owned Upstart, who's a 17.2hh Ex-police horse and we enjoy going out exploring new places. Horses are my life, not just a job, so this job is perfect for me.