Meet our Horses


14hh Chestnut Welsh Section C Cross gelding. Born 1998. Originally from Scotland, he came to us in 2008 from a riding school in Preston. His full name is Kincaid and is a great all- rounder.


14.2hh Tobiano mare. Gypsy Lady has become a much loved horse as she is a perfect horse to learn to ride on. She is also used for the RDA.


14.3hh Black gelding Cob. Born 2004. He travelled all the way from France with his best friend Georgie, He has settled in well and is now used to teach beginners to ride.


14.3hh Chestnut mare. Born 1998. She is an Irish Connemara cross and she came from a trekking centre in the Lake district that was closing down in 2007. When we picked her up she had just been weaned away from her foal.


15h teenage colored mare. Darcy had had lots of foals in the past and now enjoys being ridden.


14.3hh Black Welsh Section D. Lily is owned by Karen but is now being used as school horse after having her two foals and is enjoying life.


11.1hh Grey Welsh Section A gelding. Dinky is great for the tiny tot and taster lessons as he is the smallest pony on the yard! he was gifted to us by his old owner Lynn who used to worked with us. to teach for us.


12.2hh Chestnut Welsh cross gelding. 15 years old. Rusty was given to us from a family in Southport. They used to ride him along the main road in Kew to school every day, before they outgrew him, he then came to us.


17 year old coloured cob.
He is on loan to us from his owners who produced him very successfully in the show ring, qualifying and placing, on numerous occasions at the Horse of the Year show. He's now joined the riding school for a quieter life.


Teenage Black gelding. He joined us in 2012 from a family in Banks and was showed successfully. A much loved addition to the school, he is now also here for a quieter life.


16.2hh Bay gelding and is over 25 years old. He is a sensitive soul and is great for helping riders learn more advanced things although he doesn't like jumping. His full name is Petesville.


14.2hh Grey gelding. Colin is about 16 years old and he came from a family in Hereford 10 years ago and has been very useful in the school. He is especially good with the riding for the disabled.


16.2hh Bay Irish Draft cross Hanovarian gelding. Born 1998. Ivor came from a private home in Hightown in 2008. He is a good all-rounder and has proved to be very popular with our clients.


12.2 grey mare. She is a Welsh section B and we have owned her for 20 years. When we bought her she was very lively so we put her out on loan for five years. Since coming back she has settled very well.


Bertie is a 13hh bay gelding. He is around 20 years old and used to go to shows where he liked doing working hunter and handy pony classes. He came from a home in Aughton.


Originally from Ireland, Jilly, a piebald mare, was bought from a girl in Crosby who was going to university. She is 15hh high and is 14 years old.


11.2hh Bay Roan mare. She is on permanent loan from a family in Banks who outgrew her. Fidget is a Welsh section A and used to go to local shows.


William is a 12 year old chestnut section A gelding who has competed in lead rein classes at shows before coming to Bowlers.


Storm, who's a New Forest Pony, arrived at the stables in 2012 after being loaned to us from a lady called Charlene. She took him to Mountain and Moorland shows, qualifying and highly placing at the Horse of the Year show many times. His show name is Silverlea Sandstorm.


12.2 hh Bay mare, 14 years old. Penny was loaned to us in Feb 2013 after her owner Layla Nicholas out grew her but didnt want to sell her on. She regularly took her to shows in the local area.