Meet our Horses


Although Smurf appears bigger he only measures 13hh! He is one of our newer ponies but is already proving very popular with our older teenagers who are helping teach him to jump! He is also very well schooled so he is teaching our smaller adult riders some fancy dressage moves!


Sprit is a 16hh cob mare and a total gentle giant! she is equally happy teaching a beginner to ride but also showing our more competent riders that she's got the moves like jagger!


14.3hh Black gelding Cob. Born 2004. He travelled all the way from France with his best friend Georgie, He has settled in well and is now used to teach beginners to ride.


lexi is a 15.2 part bred welsh mare. she is suitable for our intermediate to advanced riders and she enjoys schooling and trying her hand at jumping.


15h teenage colored mare. Darcy had had lots of foals in the past and now enjoys being ridden.


Dotty is a 15.2hh Bay Blanket Spot Appaloosa, she has a quirky personality and for this reason is a bit like marmite. She loves to jump and hack out with our experienced riders. When dotty first arrived she had no tail and was a very strange shape, with a bit of TLC she is now looking great!


11.1hh Grey Welsh Section A gelding. Dinky is great for the tiny tot and taster lessons as he is the smallest pony on the yard! he was gifted to us by his old owner Lynn who used to worked with us. to teach for us.


Blaze is a 14.2 black gelding. He is suitable for novice and advanced riders and enjoys cantering and jumping.


17 year old coloured cob.
He is on loan to us from his owners who produced him very successfully in the show ring, qualifying and placing, on numerous occasions at the Horse of the Year show. He's now joined the riding school for a quieter life.


Nutty is a 12.2 bay gelding. he is owned by one of our lovely liveries and is on loan to us. Nutty is good on and off the lead and is great at giving children confidence coming off the lead rein.

Rosie & Roxie

Rosie came to us looking a little rough pregnant with Roxy, they are owner by Mary and are the pets to the yard. Rosie is very sweet and Roxy is cute but a little monkey!


Sally is a 15.3 piebald cob, she is a popular choice with many of our riders from teenagers to adults. She came to us as a 6 year old with very little experience, since then she has blossomed into an all-rounder. Sally particularly enjoys jumping and hacking out. Fun Fact: Sally is best friends with her field companion Jilly, to the untrained eye they even look like twins!!


Izzy came to us from Wales. She hadn't done much ridden work and was quite nervous of people. She quickly learnt that life at Bowlers is quite fun. She enjoys pony parties, lead rein lessons and living out in the field with her pals.


Berry is a 13hh black Welsh pony, she was an all round children's pony who had seen it all before arriving at Bowlers. She has settled into riding school life so well and is ridden by children of all abilities. Berry always has a cheery attitude and loves her work.


Cupcake is a tiny Shetland x Welsh pony with a huuuuuge personality! she is on loan to us from a lovely lady who rescued her when she was young, because of this she can be wary of new people in the stable but is fantastic at giving little jockeys their first rides off the lead rein.


Kiki is a 13h blue & white mare, although now shes older she appears grey, you have to look closely for her patches. She a really sweet mare who is loved by many of her riders.


14.2hh Cremello gelding. Colin has been at Bowlers for years and years! Colin is used for lead rein beginner riders and he is especially good with the riding for the disabled. He also enjoys hacking.


Jerry is new forest x tb 14.1 gelding. He has spent most of his life as a kids pony, you name it he's done it! he spent the first years of his life on a mountain but not much prefers to be tucked up in his stable with a haynet!


Brie is a 14hh Welsh Section D Chestnut mare. Brie is on loan to us from a family in banks. She is missing an eye as she was born with an issue with it and had it removed by the vet straight away. This means she is used to life with one eye and defiantly doesn't let it slow her down! She has settled right in and loves her job teaching our intermediate riders


Milo is a 14.1 piebald cob gelding with a massive personality! He's very bossy and rules over his friends in the field! He loves jumping and is the reining chase me charlie camp champion!


Originally from Ireland, Jilly, a piebald mare, was bought from a girl in Crosby who was going to university. She is 15hh high and is 14 years old.


11.2hh Bay Roan mare. She is on permanent loan from a family in Banks who outgrew her. Fidget is a Welsh section A and used to go to local shows.


Obi is a 15.2 coloured cob. He is a lovely willing boy who tries his best and thrives on a routine and enjoys his work


Moby is a 12.3 cheeky cob gelding who's as wide as he is tall! He's great on and off the lead rein and has the comfiest canter!


12.2 hh Bay mare, 14 years old. Penny was loaned to us in Feb 2013 after her owner Layla Nicholas out grew her but didnt want to sell her on. She regularly took her to shows in the local area.


Dudley came to Bowlers in 2017 after being bought at a game of Bingo. When he arrived he was in a bit of a sorry state but after a few weeks eating grass and a make over he was like a new pony! Dudley now loves to teach children to ride, especially at pony parties. Fun fact: Dudley had a starring role in a local school's nativity play at Christmas!


Tommy came to us from a local family who did a bit of everything with him. This means Tommy is a seasoned pro and is used for children just coming off the lead rein. Tommy particularly enjoys playing games at children's birthday parties because he always wins the races! Fun fact: Tommy and Nutty came from the same home and are best friends!


Norman is an 11hh Dartmoor x Shetland Tricoloured gelding, he’s our golden oldie who still enjoys tootling around with little Jockeys. Norman is on loan to us from one of our instructors Sue. In his younger years Norman used to compete in Working Hunter competitions where he would jump big fences! Norman is our oldest pony on the yard but is by no means slowing down! He loves to zoom round the sand paddock with his friends between lessons.