Meet the Animals at Bowlers


I am twelve years old and have been at Bowler's since I was ten weeks old. I live with Karen and I love going to the beach to swim in the sea and playing with Noddy in my back garden. I am a good boy and always do as i'm told, unlike others!


I'm a pygmy goat and have been at the stables now for over six years. I like hanging out with my buddy Rusty, sharing some hay together and having little naps in his stable. I'm very friendly and like people to come over and give me a hug.

The Cats

There are several cats on the yard, however they tend to sleep during the day so you may not get the see them very much. The oldest cat is Dusty, shes black and white and about 18 years old. Shes a bit scared of people so you wont be able to cuddle her. However our other black and white cat Minnie is a sweetheart and likes to be tickled under her chin. Shes two and a half, but it only seems like yesterday that she arrived.


I'm a mini labradoodle and I'm eight years old. When you come onto the yard I might come and greet you, barking loudly to let everyone know you've arrived. I've lived with Andrea since I was a puppy and love playing with toys and going crazy. I also like to do tricks which you may get to see some day.

The Chickens

We have lots of hens at the stables, all with their own personalities. See if you can find Roadrunner (small black one), T-Break (named as she likes to come and have break with us, pecking all the crumbs), Mr. T (the huge golden one) plus many more!


Hi, I'm Oak and i'm a two year old labrador. Before coming to the stables i tried my hand at training to become a Guide Dog for the Blind, but i decided it wasnt for me so ended up coming to live with Pat instead and i love it!