Horse we have on livery

Here are some of the Horses and Ponies we currently have on Livery.


16.2hh Bay Thoroughbred gelding. Magic is a livery owned by Emma and was born here on the same day as Marty. Rachel has him on part loan, where they both compete in dressage. His show name is High Flyer Ebony Alchemy.


Max is Pats horse who was born at Bowlers, he is currently living out his retirement in our fields in Ince Blundell.



Saint is a 16.2 grey gelding, he is owned by Michaela and they enjoy schooling together. Saint is an ex point to point racehorse.


Louis is owned by Karen and Holly. he was born at Bowlers his show name is The Couch Potato because he as very lazy as a foal. He is very successful in the showring, winning a big championship show when he was 2!


15hh Bay Welsh Section D stallion and is owned by Karen's daughter Holly. He enjoys showing off when hes at shows and has won lots or rosettes and sashes! He loves playing with toys when he's in his stable.


16hh Black Dutch Warm blood mare and is owned by Mel and is loaned by Janet. she enjoys schooling and hacking. Her show name is Unital De Friedricksborg.


Teddy is a 14.2 black gelding. he is owned by Sam who likes schooling and jumping. they have competed in dressage and show jumping and they qualified for a big class at You Horse Live where they had a great time!


Mouse is a 16.3 grey mare who LOVES attention! she is owned by Michaela & Ava who enjoy schooling and jumping big jumps!


Lily is a black section D who is mum to Lincoln and Louis. She is enjoying her retirement in the field next door to Max & Marty.