Pony Parties!

Our standard party package is 1 ½ hours long and includes:

Our party room which is decorated and set up with tables and chairs as a base for your guests, just keep the door closed so the goats don’t try and join in the fun!!

Pony Grooming (brush, give lots of cuddles, plait their manes and tails)

Riding, all riders will be fitted with appropriate head/footwear If beginners they will learn the ropes, if not, straight to the fun!

Games & Races on and off horseback!

Parties are normally held on Saturdays at 5:30-7pm, we can also hold them during school holidays and possibly other days if availability permits. 

Parties are prices at £28 per person.


We then offer “add on’s” (below) so you can tailor your party to suit your child’s needs and wishes!

Pony chalks £8 

Unicorn pony outfit £10

Rosettes (with thanks for coming to my party on) £1.50 per person

Sweet cones (with thanks for coming to my party sticker) £2 per person

Party bags £4.50 (contains sweets and toys, contents may vary)

Food (see below)

Pony birthday cake £35

If you have any ideas for your party that is not listed please just speak to us and we’ll do our best to accommodate 

We take a £50 deposit to secure your date, the balance is payable on the day.



Add half an hour onto the party time, so your total party time will be 2 hours. 

Hotdogs (with sauce!) crisps, sweets, juice and a cupcake  £5 per person 


We can also offer Birthday cakes, normally a large horse head cake decorated by hand to look like the party child’s favourite pony, Serves 20 £35 but there are lots of possibilities!

Add On's

Unicorn! We dress up a pony (usually the party childs favourite pony) as a unicorn (think full on pink uni-pony with feather boas!) £10 per outfit

Rosette with “Thanks For Coming To My Party” £1.50 per child

Sweet cones With “Personalised Thanks for coming to my party” Sticker £1.50 per child

Party Bags, to include sweets, some small some toys and a £5 off a lesson voucher £4 per child