What Bowlers is all about ...

Beautiful Location

Situated on the North West Coastline, we have been teaching horse riding lessons for over 80 years. Bringing horses and people together no matter what their age or ability, in order to share our passion and experience in all things equestrian. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned rider or just wanting to get back into the saddle, we have a horse for you.

Lessons for all Ages

We cater for children from aged 3, and have both group and private lessons available for all ages.

Come and visit us

Lessons must be booked in advance, between 9am and 6pm.

We are a 5* council registered approved riding establishment meaning we set a high standard for horse care and that the instruction given is well presented and correct in content while using good, safe and well kept tack.

Excellent Facilities

The riding school is set on around 8 acres of land and has 40 horses, some of which are liveries, meaning they are privately owned so can’t be ridden by the public. Our indoor school where the majority of the lessons are held measures approx 45m x 15m and has a seated viewing gallery. We also have a slightly larger floodlit outdoor school (65m x 20m) both schools have an Andrews Bowen waxed surface and arena mirrors.